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About Me

I Specialize in web design/development and windows programming. I have been a computer programmer since 1995 when I got my first computer. They fascinated me as I wondered how they worked and how they can be controlled, changed and adapted.
I also have some experience in using cross-platform development and programing. I am qualified up-to A-level in most areas of computing and media. Most of my website use WordPress, this allows my clients to easily make edits without a cost to them, keeping there site up-to-date and functional.
Although I am experienced in other web platforms as well as able to hard-code a website in a more traditional (hard-coded) way like HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS but due to there lack of flexibility for my clients, I do tend to use more versatile web platforms. I am capable of developing themes for WordPress both using the languages above teamed up with the powerful API that comes out the box with WordPress. I authored a theme that has been released in the official WordPress Theme Directory and am always looking at ways to help give back to the WordPress community.

I am very competitively priced, and guarantee my work as I am a perfectionists, and love what I do.

For more info about me and my work view my PPH (People Per Hour) portfolio or the extended one on my site.

Area Covered: Yorskhire, North England, WorldWide Using the Internet

Company Name: Silver Hawk Media

Industry: Information Technology - Programming and Media

Employees: 1

Work Experience

Summary: ICT Consulting For Football team Bradford Park Avenue AFC, Until role of webmaster taken in 2009.

Job Title: Consultant/Webmaster
Company: Bradford Park Avenue AFC
Description: I started as ICT Consultant, Advising the board of directors on what steps to take to help them achieve there ambitions in website matters. Taking on the role of webmaster my self later on that month. Now i work along side two other young media workers at Bradford Park Avenue Press Officer & Program editor sharing ideas and helping each other achieve in our own fields.

Education Summary: I have many A-Levels in ICT subjects like: Video Game Design, 3D modeling, Web Design, Interactive media, Programming, computer components & hardware, Presenting information, databases/spreadsheets and more.

I have Studied at four different colleges around Yorkshire, trying to achieve my personal goal of studying that the best institutes around at a given ICT & Media specialty.

I look forward to working with you in the future if you have any questions please contact me. Also don't forget to visit my website.

My Goal & Company Pillars

My Goal:-
Following suite with my slogan "Defining A New Age In Media" my goal is to help take web-design into its new age. By which we look to try help make the web: Prettier & Faster. Trying to push html and remove flash and other out of date technologies that have not moved with the times. Also we want the code of the web to be transparent and tidy so we can all learn and adapt from each other as well as support a safer internet.

Company Pillars:-
My company Pillars do as they sound, they support my company. They also prop my company higher than any of its competitors. So what are they and how do they work? its simple they are written rules that I reference in what ever I do at my company. They are the companies promises to you, and itself. A conscience if you like. Ever action every decision I always compare it to the pillars to make sure I really am doing the right thing for my clients, for me and also for the internet in general.

  • My business operates on zero debt and minimizes overhead, as to afford you the most value with the least expense. I'll be here through good economic times and bad.
  • Provide top-quality work to fit any budget. (No one is too small or to big or even priced out)
  • I build and pre-test all sites for visual appeal, search engine attractiveness, ease of function and navigation and to load fast on older computers as well as new.
  • I always try to look into the future to give you the most up to date advice and technologies.
  • Honesty is key. I will never sell you anything you do not or will not need or use.
  • All sites are optimized for search-engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) friendliness. As standard.
  • I cannot afford to work for free (Sadly) even so I will never leave you in the dark and out of pocket. I will support you as much as I a can. Does not matter If your a computer expert or novice I will help.

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