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Every Business Needs a Strong Online Presence...

We strongly believe that in this day and age it is almost impossible to run any type of successful business without some kind of online presence. Even if you did you would be putting yourself at large disadvantage against rival companies looking for your trade, your USP and ultimately your profits.

We are not the kind of company that will charge you a small fortune for a website full of features you barely need. I do this job because I love website, coding and the creative side, but most of all I love helping business succeed and grow through my efforts and hard work. We promise that if your business does not need something we will sell it to make a quick buck. We will never leave you in the dark after running away with your money. We will always provide top-quality work to fit any budget.

We have more promises and information visit our 'About' Page for full information.

New Site & Blog

As you will be able to see if you visit my site regularly it has over gone a huge make-over and change and now is a completely new site running from a new database and now powered by wordpress. Reather than handcoded as before. This means that i will not have any of my content such as downloads and projects¬† on here. Some wil be added as time goes along as more recent and curent ones need prority. Some will not be added here at all this is just so i don’t end up spending more time in the past as this is the new evolution of SilverHawkMedia.


Please enjoy my new website, visit my projects to see what i am working on. Visit my downloads to download free safe small programs and games and such you might be able to use or just enjoy.


Kind Regards

Phil ‘Paragon’ Wilkinson

Addition Calculator – Downloads

Today i have been re-familiarizing myself with ‘C++’ with Code::Blocks. So started writing some very basic console applications to get me back into it after what must be a ten year break. As such i have added my very basic console Addition Calculator to the downloads no better than the OS calcuator you have already but would still love you to have a look and a mess with it.

Click here to go to downloads page 


Phil ‘Paragon’ Wilkinson

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